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Newsletter Oct. 2009

Newsletter Oct. 2009
Publication: Bullsheet News
Author: Steve Pope
Date: 11/12/2009

This is an exciting time for all us in the Bullpen!  Fall is here and the winter darting season is rapidly approaching.   We have the ideal new tool for our operators to be able to truly profit from this dart season- the new, online,  remote referee equipped, STEEL dart machine!  

As you read this newsletter , we are busy creating online competitions for our LIVE™ operators and exciting opportunities for their players.  We now find ourselves the World’s foremost experts on the value of remotely refereeing, real electronic darts, increasing operator profit and connecting players on a Worldwide basis. 

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our league adminstrartion and promotion software, new machine and competitions.

Sincerely, Steve Pope

Merlin Technologies, Inc.
Skype- wildbull146

Worlds first Wild Bull Darts Festival

Held Septemeber of 2008 in Tenerife, Spain, players from numerous European Nations descended on the ‘jewel of the Canary Islands’ for a weekend of electronic steel darting and fun.  Players from markets such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Turkey and more pre-qualified and won trips to compete at the Festival and for the honor or representing their Country. 

The tone of the event was set quickly by Merlin’s Steve Pope when he welcome everyone with a toast stating amongst other things, “for those of you who are not social, are not here for fun, don’t feel as if you've already ‘won’ the moment you stepped off your plane- this is not the tournament for you!” Instantly the competition and partying began.

Aside from the great darting, players were treated to an open bar Friday night and a Pirates Cruise and whale watching excursion on the Peter Pan ship the following Saturday.  With several hours each day of darting, great poolside activities, the cruise and more- there was little time for sleep.

Players reported that while many of them have attending grander darting events with thousands of attendees, the Wild Bull Festival was really quite fantastic.  A unique event just for Wild Bull, electronic steel players, all of whom who were treated like VIP’s.  Steve Pope concludes, “It was really great fun and we thank all the attendees as well as the support staff from Spain and Raff and his lovely wife, Jackie, for all their help!   

Wild Bull on Turkish Television

There’s no stopping the momentum of a Wild Bull! 

Building on the international success of the past tournaments across the globe, the Merlin team was present to see a great Wild Bull tournament in Marmaris, Turkey.  Present to capture all the darting action, was the local television network.  Merlin’s Sales Director, Steve Pope adds, it was so funny when the local commentator interviewed me in English and out of the corner of my eye I saw the Producer trying to get him to speak in Turkish so the viewers could understand what he was asking me?”

The event featured darters from throughout Marmaris and was thoroughly covered by the local press.  The reaction from the players of this first Wild Bull event was positive and the event organizers, Balo, have promised to hold additional Will Bull events.  The qualification for these future events in Turkey was just made much easier for the organizers- as this market just received their first shipment of the new, online, remote refereeing equipped LIVE!® dart machines.

We are now connecting the Turkish players with those from around Europe in competitions and fun online events.  However, as no amount of online play can replace the enjoyment of being in the same location with your opponent, we look forward to our return to Turkey for more LIVE action.

Wild Bull LIVE!™ Connecting Darters this Fall.

Today Merlin is implementing its second round of online competitions on a local and International basis for our LIVE! operators.  We are supporting these new operators with creating their own local competitions, by showing them how to set them up, creating video advertisements and of course demonstrating how to referee the matches -all in a way that optimizes potential income.  We are also working on an International event were players from several Countries can compete, online, all with real time updates and action.   Some of the success stories are quite impressive.

Merlin Marketing Director, Steve Pope, adds, “I just returned from the FER Tradeshow in Madrid where I was told about an online competition utilizing the Remote Refereeing with just 75 machines and 306 participating with over 5,000 games played in a very short period.  You could never drive that type of participation and with those parameters, without remote refereeing.”

Today, Mariona Ayala, Merlin’s new Sports Technician, is busy supporting LIVE operators with new competitions in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, and Turkey. Income reports for each machine support the claims that these promotions are having a positive effect on the Wild Bull operators and tavern’s bottom line. 

Steve concludes, “We would love to tell you more about this system, how it differs from other online systems and how the combination of the software, remote refereeing and coin operated steel darting can help your business.”

Coming Next Issue!

On operators story, an online competition with 75 machines, over just two months, with 5,000 games played?



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