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Date: 07/18/2006

The Wild Bull® Dart Board
Date: Tuesday, July 18 @ 12:49:39 EDT
Topic: Darts & Stuff of Interest

So you’re out looking for a pickup game of darts and you spot this strange looking machine up against the wall at the back of the pub. You’re wondering, “What the heck is that”? But out of curiosity (curiosity killed the cat right?) you wander in and check it out.

Well they say satisfaction brought it back too, and The Wild Bull® dartboard will satisfy many if not most dart players and that’s a fact. So let your curiosity do the walking and the boards do the chalking!

The Wild Bull® dart board is build on a Puma (DMI) type sisal board that is changed to work with the radio technology needed to ‘triangulate’ your darts positioning. So, you have a REAL steel tip dartboard – as in real – you know, like the one on your darn wall real! – in an electronic scoring/gaming system and what’s even better is the lighting is excellent and the speed of operation is nearly as fast as the fastest paced dart players!

Stepping to the Oche of Merlin’s Wild Bull® I’m first impressed with the lighting – something important to steel tippers – and then with the feel of the thing. Yes that’s right ‘feel’; you see as my darts hit the board they make a certain sound, a sound that over 30 years has imprinted itself on my brain and just ‘feels right’ to me. Well the Merlin Wild Bull® FEELS right. The next thing I noticed is that it was scoring each dart accurately! My mind was going “Hey wait a minute, where the heck is the chalker”? I think they hid him inside the board but they wouldn’t let me open one up!

Finally, the last thing that impressed me was the speed at which the system changed from player to player! I think it was about 2 seconds but could have been less. Why is this important? Well for a steel tipper whose not used to waiting for a machine to do calculations it’s well, rather nice not to have to wait! I was always frustrated with slowness (is that a word) of the soft tip machines and the rather slow pace of play dictated by them. But this new innovation eliminates that problem and simply takes electronic darts to a whole new level! A level darn near on par with plain old normal ‘real darts’.

Were there problems with this machine? Not the ones I played on and I played in a tournament on them, but I did see some folks making scoring corrections. WHAT? Corrections? How so you ask? Easy Peasy Mate! You just leave your darts in, and hit the correct score button and then poke the miniature dartboard pad on the face of the machine and viola, your score is changed! Or fixed as the case may be.

All in all this is a really neato system that could change the face of American darts forever! I’ll take two!

Merlin’s cool shirts say ‘Get Real, play with steel’ and I have to agree, if you like playing electronic darts then you ought to check these puppies out, as they simply are an excellent electronic scoring system.


In Vegas Jester, Darci and I all played in tournaments on these systems and all of us were impressed! If you get a chance, check on out. Erik

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