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Wild Bull® Struts New Look & Adds Features

Date: 05/08/2007

GENEVA, ILLINOIS, USA – Merlin Technologies, manufacturer of the Wild Bull® electronic steel-tip dart game, announces a number of game design, hardware and software developments that enhance Wild Bull operation and advance player appeal.

Among the hardware and software game improvements for operators are free play alarms and correct score tracking.

The free play alarm disables dart board illumination after a number of dart throws are detected for a non-coined or inactive game, encouraging players to insert coins and start play.

Operator software enhancements also include a correct score tracking feature that reports the location and frequency of any player-corrected miss-scores, so that a technician can use the Wild Bull’s target tuning feature to make proper adjustments while on location.

Player-oriented improvements include the Wild Bull’s new power fail recovery feature and the addition of Burma Road to the game select menu.

The power fail recovery feature stores the results of games in progress into non-volatile memory, so that in the event of any power disruption no information is lost – the game simply returns to the proper scores and player’s turn in progress.

Burma Road has long been a popular steel-tip game for friendly wagers between players. It has been added to the list of other classic games and options already offered on the Wild Bull.

Merlin Technologies reports that field testing for these features commenced at multiple sites throughout the U.S., Ireland and the Netherlands in early April and that the company expects to release the new features into production during June. Field upgrade kits are expected to be available to operators shortly thereafter.

Steve Pope, Merlin’s Vice-President of International Sales & Marketing, expressed, “The timing of the new features’ release is intended to coincide with the traditionally slower summer months, allowing time for operators to upgrade their routes prior to the start of the busier, fall league season.”

Pope also confirmed that production has started for the Wild Bull’s new contemporary graphic design introduced earlier this year at the ATEI Show, and he reports the new look is meeting with good acceptance and reaction from operators and players alike.

For more information, contact sales@merlindarts.com or call 01-773-342-9127.

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