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John Part invites the Wild Bull® To Canada

Date: 06/05/2005

Toronto, Canada — How do you get 150 amateur, steel darters to compete in a double knock-out competition lasting just four hours? That was the question posed to John Part, Professional Darter with the PDC and Canada’s #1 Darter. There was only one answer: Automatic Scoring Steel Dart Games!

Robert Boxell, a long time friend of Part — and a partner of Bowne, a legal-related firm headquartered in Toronto — asked John to help him conduct a corporate darting event on June 5th, 2005. Like many corporations, Bowne hosts several events for its clients, but this time they wanted to do something different. Due to the friendship between Robert Boxell and John Part, the idea for a big darting event came to forefront of leading ideas.

“John had learned of our game while participating in the ‘Men In Black’ event in Japan last year,” explains Steve Pope, VP of Marketing for Merlin, manufacturer of the electronic scoring dart game, the Wild Bull®. “John approached me about partnering up to pull off a 150 player, steel darting event — a monumental task. He wanted a first - class event and thought the convenience and simplicity of the automatic scoring Wild Bull® would be great for these amateur players.”

The evening featured six of Merlin’s Wild Bull® dart games, with one placed on a main stage. The players, all Bowne clients, represented all skill levels, but with the majority never having played organized darts. The evening started with Part giving an explanation to the players of how the darting format would work and about the features and benefits of the Wild Bull games. “The best part of the night for me, was watching Part introduce the games to these players,” Pope states. “He explained how they could throw ‘proper’ darts and not have to do the chalking. We had many players, both male and female, who had never thrown a dart, yet they were able to walk up to the machine, start their game of 501, throw their game and have a blast. I even overheard two guests at the bar telling the bartender, ‘we’ll take another round, seeing as how there isn’t any math to be done tonight’ (a reference to the automatic scoring games).”

With dartboard shaped ice sculptures, great music, automatic scoring steel dart games, male and female players and tons of fun, the event was a hit. And they just happened to have one of the World’s best players in their midst, taking photos with them and ensuring they had a great time. “More corporations should consider doing this,” Pope concludes. “It’s fun for all levels, competitive and unique for the guests. I think our game makes the process less intimidating, cleaner and logistically much easier to conduct — all with real darts. I thank my friend, John Part, for asking for our partnership in this event and for his support.”

For more information on the Wild Bull and Events, visit, www.merlindarts.com

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