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The Wild Bull LIVE!® , when supported by the LIVE Software (sold separately) is capable of broadcasting advertising on a location-by-location, regional, National or Worldwide basis.

Advertising can be created by LIVE operators, Merlin or third parties and submitted online.  Once approved, the information is downloaded to the machines for future broadcasting and within the parameters (day, time, duration etc) that are pre-established.

The advertisements are displayed, in color, on the machines' awesome 19" TFT monitors and can include audio.

The most common advertisements are those for upcoming darting events, following by 3rd party adverts*** like beverages, or for local businesses.

These 3rd party advertisements represent a new revenue source for LIVE operators!


Contact us to today to learn more.




*** The ability to display advertising for third parties (advertising for things other than future dart events) is not allowed without the prior, written, authorization of Merlin.

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