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 Wild Bull LIVE! - Video ON LINE Mode

Dartboard CamerasThe NEW Wild Bull LIVE!® darts machines feature a Video ON LINE Mode allowing players to compete in games, league matches and tournaments from different geographical locations, LIVE, from machine-to-machine!  
Using the LIVE!® machine's camera-based system, a player arrives to his/her favorite bar logs into his LIVE! machine and requests and ON LINE game. The system looks online to determine if any person, from another LIVE!® location, is willing to play in ON LINE mode. The machine shows the name and location of the bar/premises willing to play this ON LINE game as well as the name of the player. If both players agree to play against one another, the game begins.
During play, as one player throws his or her darts, the opponents watches this video on their machine and in their location.  As player 1 removes his darts, the LIVE!® machine in the other location lights up, indicating that player 2 may now throw their darts in their location.  As he or she throws, player 1 watches from his machine.  All in real time.
Imagine how exciting it is for players in a bar in Madrid, Spain to compete against players, real time, in Munich, Germany- all from the comfort of their favorite bar! 
Location-to-location play is also popular within the same city (a smaller geographic area), when a player:
may be unable to find competition in his local bar (slow times)
wants want to compete against others outside their location (higher or new competition)
is unable to travel
is concerned about possibly drinking and driving.
Commonly misunderstood, Video ON LINE Mode is not just for casual darting or just for individuals, but is often used for league matches or tournaments when the majority of teams may be located in the same location, but some are unable to travel.  In this case, these non- traveling teams can still compete in the league or event.  The end result is increased player and team participation, more fun and more revenue for both the Wild Bull LIVE!® machine operator and location!
We invite you to contact us to learn more about Video ON LINE Mode and how this feature and our darts machines can benefit your business.
***Note:  Special LIVE! operators' software required for online maintenance, tournament, league and competition administration is sold separately.  LIVE! machines can only connect online and enjoy Video ON LINE Mode when properly connected online by contact Merlin Technologies, Inc.

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