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Identification of Players  

Wild Bull LIVE!® - Identification of Players

The Wild Bull® - the World’s only electronic darts machines using a genuine, English, dartboard for steel darting.

Wild Bull LIVE!®  Players enjoy creating a personal Identification (I.D.) which is saved in the ‘system’ so that during future dart play, the can elect to identify themselves to the dart machines and have their scores saved in the system. 

To create a player identification, the player simply walks up the machine and follows the instructions.  The player creates a unique I.D. and provides a nickname and provides other optional information.  The last step, the LIVE!®  machine takes the player’s photo.

After an I.D. is created that player has the OPTION in the future of identifying themselves to the machine and system whenever they like, and BEFORE a game, by simply keying in their I.D. OR by inserting their player card into the card reader.

When a player elects to identify themselves before a game, the system will save their scores (PPD and MPR) for that match and apply it to the results of any event, league, tournament that they played in and/ or towards their overall PPD or MPR history.  Players will always identify themselves using their personal I.D. when the elect to participate in any events, leagues, matches or tournaments. After a player enters their I.D. in order to participate in some tournaments and events- their history (PPD/ MPR Average) may automatically designate what category (group) they must play in.  In this manner, the best players and the less skilled or new players- all play within their relative skill level!  Thus ALL levels are competitive.  To learn more about ‘handicapping’ or creating tournaments/ events with skill categories go to Competition Management.

Scores and results are also listed on the machines for all players to monitor and view in locations and are listed by player ‘nick name’ (alias).  To learn more about players scores and rankings- go to League, Championship and Tournament.

Players do NOT have to identify themselves before playing, as some just wish to play casually or may never elect to register (to obtain a personal I.D.).  Even registered players may not feel like they are going to play great at that time and don’t want THAT game’s scores saved on their player I.D. and in their permanent history- so they don’t enter their I.D. prior to the game.  In summary, casual players never have to register and registered players decide which games they want to first log into the system, before playing. In, all players must be registered and enter there player I.D.  to participate.

This flexibility provides all the benefits and no obligation.  The player identification is the foundation for Tournaments, Leagues and Championships and remote refereeing.  The information stored is kept on a secure server pursuant to the terms agreed to by the player upon I.D. creation.

We invite you to learn more about the Wild Bull LIVE! Player Identification process or Competition Management, contact us today.




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