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Wild Bull Darts - Electronic Steel-Tip Dart Boards
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Wild Bull LIVE! ® - Laser

The Wild Bull® - the World’s only electronic darts machines using a genuine, English, dartboard for steel darting.

The NEW Wild Bull LIVE!® darts machine uses a laser system that is activated during certain games/ matches.

The lasers emit from the machine, out to the correct throwing distance, marking that spot with a red, visible throw line.

If players step over the line, the lighting on the board goes dark, indicating a foot fault.  However, if there is a foot fault the score will count in some games but in others the score will be marked ‘NULL’ (zero).

In casual games or matches when players are in the SAME LOCATION a foot fault will only darken the lighting on the board during the throw, but the score for that dart will count.

However, during games, leagues or championships were players are playing live, machine-to-machine (called On-Line Mode) OR when the remote refereeing system is employed (during Virtual Mode), a foot fault will result in an automatic NULL score (zero for that dart)- because no one is present in the location to ‘reconcile’ this violation.

This laser adds to the integrity of the system, accurately measures the correct throwing distance and is valued by our players.

We invite you to learn more about the Wild Bull LIVE!® lasers, by contacting us today.

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