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League / Championship / Tournament & Machine Operation Software  

Wild Bull LIVE!® - Leagues / Championship / Tournament Operation Software

Never before in steel darts...
The software to Create, Collect and Communicate LIVE! 
All electronic dart operators and leagues know the benefits of running quality dart programs, leagues and tournaments, but they also know the cost. Now they can enjoy real savings with the new LIVE software. 
With the new LIVE software: 
• Creating darting events is quick and easy
• Data collection is instant
• Administration is simplified 
• Accurate results are communicated immediately. 
It all adds up to an increase in operator revenue while lowering administration costs. The system is ideal for electronic dart operators and dart Associations. It also serves as a tool to create partnerships between the two.
Are you currently:
• Visiting all your locations just to deliver new league and event materials? 
• Collecting score sheets or contacting players for results? 
• Distributing results?
• Spending hours manually entering results, calculating player statistical information, grouping players by skill level for future tournaments or leagues, etc.?  
• Spending evenings on location managing or refereeing a tournament?
• Printing league materials?
• Employing extra staff to administer dart activity?
Then it pays to discover the new Wild Bull LIVE!® software: 
1. Create leagues, Championships, Tournaments and events from one computer
2. Collect, manage and distribute results for all dart related information, player statistics, schedules, locations, results, MPR, PPD, classifications, categories, video and more online and instantly!
3. Distribute and Broadcast this information to one or all of your locations, including videos and advertisements.
Create, Collect and Communicate LIVE!
Using the LIVE!® software (sold separately from machines) operators and their league administrators can create new dart leagues, championships, tournaments or other events quickly and easily. Simply follow the step-by-step system, using drop-down menus and answering all the most common structure questions.  
For example, say you want to create a tournament in one location for this weekend. Simply name the event, select the format (01, cricket, etc), select all other game parameters and rules and then click and drag the teams from your system’s memory into the event. To populate the tournament bracket sheet you can either manually place teams or allow the system to put them in skilled divisions. You can create starting and ending times for the tournament, let the system manage the progression of the tournament. 
You can even accommodate for teams that will not be present in that location and are joining online from their bar. The system distributes the tournament information to all the selected machines and within a few minutes your locations have all the tournament information, including advertisements promoting the event. 
On the night of the tournament, all the LIVE!® machines in that location will display the results and tournament play. As the event progresses, machines will notify players of start times, disqualify players who fail to show up on time, display the tournaments for everyone to follow and show upcoming match ups. 
As another popular example of the system’s simplicity and power, operators and dart associations can create a new Ranking List for all or some of your machines, by day, weekend or by month and with multiple skill level groupings.  All registered players play in specific skill groups, which increased the competition. New players are automatically grouped in their own category. 
Operators follow the step-by-step menus and create ’01, cricket or other ranking lists with categories for skill, the start and end date of the event and any prizes. The software manages the activity while operators use the remote refereeing system to ensure the integrity of the competition. Results are instantly updated and sent back to all the machines. 
When you already have all the teams and player’s names, locations, contact details and skill level stored in the system, creating a new league is simple. Simply click and drag historical information into your new league structure, create start and end dates, rules, formats and prizes (if applicable) and even include a short video or message to be displayed on the machines announcing your new league. 
Never before could one person administer a dart competition by themselves. Today it can be done remotely, online, from any computer and without referees on location for each match. 
Collecting dart league, game results and player statistics are some of the biggest costs in running dart programs. Let the LIVE!® software reduce your expenses and save you time. 
100% of registered players' PPD and MPR are saved in the system. When the LIVE operator creates a new league or event with skill categories (handicapping), and a player elects to compete the system (using player history) the system automatically puts a player in the correct skill category before they start play. Operators instantly have all scores and results from each game. The system also automatically collects Video for certain matches when opponents were not present and as requested by the operator or dart administrator.
Distributing league, event and darting results online saves time and dramatically reduces administrative costs: 
• Results and standings are instantly sent to LIVE!® machines online
• Interested players can immediately track results during ranking list matches (best in the bar, region, our country). This motivates darters to play more matches to increase their darting average and standing in the ranking list — all increasing operator income
• Operators can send video advertisements to their machines announcing the results, winners and prizes
• Players can go online from their home and watch online tournaments in real time.
The LIVE!® software allows Merlin or its operators to create “dart administrators” who can manage darting activity for all or some of an operator’s LIVE!® machines. With a special password, Operators can allow a designated 3rd party to manage darting activity for some or all of their machines. The software also prevents any dart administrator from being involved in any other aspects of an Operator’s business.  
The Dart Association can be compensated for managing the activity of an operator or group of operators. An operator may also hire just one person to work part time, administering all of their machines’ dart activity online from the administrator’s computer. This is the ideal solution for operators with little or no darting expertise.
Merlin and its partners will provide software support for its customers including training, promotional support and more. Contact us to learn more, including our introductory offer for first time customers.
Wild Bull LIVE!® software is sold separately from machines and is currently not for sale in North America.





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